It was half past midnight. People were busy celebrating the arrival of the weekend in a pub next to my laboratory building at UC San Diego, and elsewhere. I was waiting for an experiment to finish at 2 am, in a hope that today in 2 hours I would know what went wrong with few of my previous experiments. Like life, troubleshooting is NOT fun in science. >90% of the time in doing science is spent in making an experiment / idea work. Actual experiments are really easy after all that grind.

My world is driven by logic. I see things as Black and White. When I see a problem, I try to look for logical solutions to solve the problem.

So- Why this blog?

Well, not everyone knows what goes on in a scientific research lab, and what scientists like myself do all these hours in a lab? Research Laboratories are an amazing cosmos mostly oblivious from the common eye. Thousands work hard, only a few get the recognition. Some live for science, for others it’s just a living. This is a blog about scientists and their, well, wonderful world. Why now? Because – it’s time.

Welcome to my world! Welcome to Positively Scientific!